Rotating Cube - Find selected Part

I got an arbitrarily rotating Cube that displays random images.
One image on each part of 6.
The user selects with the mouse one of the images.
How can I find out which part of the cube (top,bottom,…)
is selected.
Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

The easiest way you need to do is draw six different polygons.
And implement openGL based selection methods for picking.

Thanks for your answer.
I admit I dont now much about openGl.
I found NeHe Lesson 32 is about selection.
Looks pretty complicated compared to standard gui programming.

Standard gui programming don’t do hardware-accelerated texture mapped cubes :slight_smile:

If you are uncomfortable with low level programming, try to find a framework which already implements the features you want.

Or maybe as an answer:


Those are the methods to look at.