Room design

Ok, I’ve got some of the basics of opengl like texture mapping and lighting, but now I was wondering how to approach designing rooms and corriders,etc for a 3d game. Would it be best to get something like 3d studio max, build the rooms, and then import them into gl? Or is it better to build them in gl?

99%+ of commercial games use a 3D modelling tool to generate models that are then loaded into OpenGL. Generating art through code is never ideal.

except for clouds

I wasn’t talking about special effects like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, unless you are talking about shader/volume clouds, it’s most likely an art guy painting a skybox…

I’ve been playing around with a free copy of truespace3, and it’s just beginning to dawn on me that to model a decent series of levels for a FPS is going to take until the end of the decade. I wonder if there’s a simple level design program around that allows u to use the results in gl?