Riva tnt problems


im looking for “Nvidia riva tnt 128 zx” drivers (preferably opengl) but any may do the problem is that on the nvidia page the drivers are to old and does not work so well but here on the opengl page i can’t fid any drivers for my card (i am rather new to this so…) well anyway i would prefer any kind of help.

Thank you

which card are you looking for drivers for? the riva tnt and the 128zx are 2 entirely different cards. generally the nvidia drivers are the best. the riva 128 is pretty much an obsolete card now and doesn’t run opengl too well, i used to have one and then i upgraded to a riva tnt. the detonator drivers on nvidia’s page are the best drivers for the tnt. you have to decide if you have a tnt or a 128zx, they are different cards. but definitely, and i have been using nvidia cards since i got my computer, use the nvidia drivers, they aer by far the best drivers for your card regardless of what it is.