Riva 128 + Voodoo 2: OpenGL toggle available?

Someone gave me a Voodoo2 so I could run some Glide game, but I was wanting to try out the Voodoo2’s OpenGL capabilities without removing the Riva 128 from my system. I know there’s a software app that lets you toggle between primary and secondary cards for Direct3D (3dcc), but is there an equivalent app for OpenGL (or maybe a registry hack)? All apps default to the Riva128 for OpenGL.

I am running Win98 (first edition) and have the latest reference drivers for both cards (as well as DirectX 7a).


I dont know if there is an app ( I think Nvidia once made one long ago for that sort of purpose) but you can alter a registry entry I think to tell your system what card you wish to use for opengl. Or (I am not sure on either of these) you can move the 3dfx OpenGL driver to teh directory of the program you wish to run.

Hope this helps.


What I ended up doing was configuring the software to use non-accelerated OpenGL (to use the opengl32.dll), copy the 3dfx OpenGL to the directory of the game, then rename it to opengl32.dll. That worked!

Thanks for the suggestions.