Rise's Techonology

Hello my CG’s Friends! : )
My names is Samuel and I’m brazilian… so my english… is progressively slow… hehehehe…

Well… I would want you help me in this situation… if was possible…

In my faculty, I need to choose a subject and write a monograph about what I choose… but, I can sugest a subject different to my teacher… So, I want to talk about something involves Computer Graphics Rise’s Techonology. So… I like to much OpenGL and C programming… and I have the book 3D Game Engine Design… because the game programming is the most perfect application to Computer Graphics and your sub areas…

So… I need a direction… What can I talk about? What Techonology who is rising and use OpenGL??
I wait for some suggestions…

thanks for all previously!! : )))))))


It is certainly easier to talk about the history than about new and not well tested stuff. Perhaps about TnL cards?

Look at the cards manufacturer’s sites… The real rising tecnology is hardware. One for all, www.nvidia.com

TnL cards? what is that?

Hardware is a good one… but I visited NVidia Sites and I didn’t see much to me to write or learn… but I search better… Anything else?

I would have more suggest if is possible…
but thanks for you two!

see ya