Rise's Technology

Hello my CG’s Friends! : )
My names is Samuel and I’m brazilian… so my english… is progressively slow… hehehehe…

                Well... I would want you help me in this situation... if was possible...

                In my faculty, I need to choose a subject and write a monograph about what I choose... but, I
                can sugest a subject different to my teacher... So, I want to talk about something involves
                Computer Graphics Rise's Techonology. So... I like to much OpenGL and C programming... and I
                have the book 3D Game Engine Design... because the game programming is the most perfect
                application to Computer Graphics and your sub areas...

                So... I need a direction... What can I talk about? What Techonology who is rising and use
                I wait for some suggestions...

                thanks for all previously!! : )))))))


u can write about the algorithms bein developed for real-time shadows, and real-time per-pixel operations like per pixel lighting and per pixel bump-mapping/specular bump mapping, and things like that.
u can also write about different culling techniqes, or about physic simulations like cloth simulations, water simulations hair simulations.
there are tons of subjects.

Wow, I like to much the possibility to talk about physical simulations… where I can find about more this?
I need both ares about physical simulations: beginners and advanceds… because I’m a beginner too! and I want to know more…

Thanks!! It helps a lot : )