I was looking for some help on so called ‘rimlight’ effect on the web without sucess. (Maybe rimlight isn’t the correct term?) Saw it in some random demonstration and wanted to try it by myself. If anyone could point me to some paper or text describing it or some short notes here in the forum would be very helpful!!

Thank you very much!

A quick search on google returned only ‘marketing buzz words’ :

The most precise description I saw was :
“While cell-shading is all the rage these days, Drake has a very unique look, and has added a new marketing buzzword: “Neon Gothic,” or “rimlight texturing” as it’s referred to in technical terms. Essentially, this is a blend of conventional cell-shading and environmental mapping techniques that make the game look like a mix of the Batman Animated Adventures and Samurai Jack cartoon series.”

From the screenshots, I don’t find it very different from cell shading.
Anyway, you will have hard time finding a paper on a technique that is the ‘main key selling point’ of the game … :wink: