RGB textures

The format RGB for images is currently used under Linux. Can I find a logiciel under Windows to use this format ?
( I tried with PhotoShop 5 but it doesn’t know this format)
With 3Dexploration, this software can read different formats same RGB but can’t convert them in RGB format.

Thinks to answer.

paint shop pro


I wouldn’t use RGB format only because it is hard to edit the image again, unless you saved it in .tga format (or whatever else).

That is the main reason I switched to using .tga files, since it does support Alpha channel, and lots of programs can read in the .tga to modify/edit it.

Yes, but how do read tga textures in OPG programs ? Do you have headers for that, and if yes, where Can I find them ?

There are lots of TGA loading examples. Check out http://glvelocity.gamedev.net/ under code archive, he has a few, and lots more code to help.

Nate miller, and Nate Robbins also have code examples, NEHE does also…