Reuse Data

Is it possible to re-tessellate data that has already been tessellatted. I want to “merge” intersecting holes in a polygon.

The winding rules don’t quite give me the desired result as all of my polygons (including holes) go the same way. Instead I get islands!


Hi !

You get triangles/strips/fans when you tesselate polygons, and you can of course tesselate those again but that is pretty meaningless.


Sorry, I must have mislead you some somwhere.

The “retessellation” is so that the multiple holes can overlap without creating islands.

If I tessellate a shape with overlapping holes using the ABS_GEQ_TWO winding rule I get a single shape which is sum of all of the holes. What I want is one hole that is a sum of all the holes.

I have spent almost a week stuck on this and and facing up to the fact the OpenGL can not handle it.

Basically I want to cut out nothing but interiors. If there is already a hole there then I want it to make it bigger!