Return to castle wolfenstein problem

I installed the Game today, but i can’t run it!
at this moment i can cry it out.
well i’m using: Mac OS 9.2.2 iMac 350 MHZ 128 MB ram with lot of virtual memory on, Videocard
Ati Rage Pro 128

When i want to run the game it say’s:
OpenGL not fond!

i tryed to install it but it says MAc OS 9.1 or earlier requered, can somebody please help me out.

Same problem here…

Is that a Rage Pro or a Rage 128? If it’s a Rage Pro, don’t bother trying – the performance won’t be good enough to play.

I have an iMac 600 with a Rage 128, and when I turn all the graphics settings down that’s nearly playable…

I also suspect that 8MB of video ram (which is all that was in most of the Rage 128-equipped iMacs) may not be sufficient for the game.

I’m sorry I can’t provide any more help than to suggest those things, precise information about your configurations might help…

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