retrieving wgl functions (specifically multitex)

I was just thinking about the way you retrieve function pointers from your OpenGL DLL on Windows platforms. All the examples I’ve seen retrieve the multitexturing functions with a string like:


Now, since these extensions were promoted to core GL in version 1.3 of the API is it possible to retrieve them without suffixing the ‘ARB’ extension


Is that possible, or must the ARB thing still be used, or, is it possible to use either?

I’d like to write a test app but I’m sorta between computers at the minute.



all functions work with the names they have. so do the 1.3 work if 1.3 is supported. if the arb-ext is in, then the arb-ext-functions work as well, etc etc etc.

at least, thats how it should be. i think more or less this is true everywhere, but dunno really