restoring vertex at each update ???

There is something I do not understand with OpenGL standard ??
If I want to do an animation and so not to change my vertex (neither add nor remove ones), why must I restore them in the video memory after each glutSwapBuffers.
For instance, I would prefer to store all my vertex once in the beginning and then I suppose that all my vertex coordinates remain in the memory.

In fact, it seems that when openGL do the projection, all vertex 3D informations are erased from the momory !!! I find it rather strange.

I think I need some explications ?

You have totally misunderstood how OpenGL works. Read the OpenGL Programming Guide (aka RedBook).

This is a reasonable question.

The simple answer is you CAN do this, Look at


You might also use
to generate the handles and play nice with any other gl code you might link to.