Resources for more advanced concepts

Does anyone know of some good resources (web sites, books, etc) that could provide me with general (mathematical) as well as OGL specific information about shading, shadows, realistic fog (with shadows visible within the fog), reflection, refraction, water effects, etc.

I have some general ideas, but figured it would be best to read up on it a bit rather than muddle my way through it.


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I feel satisfied with most things you can find on nVidia’s developer relationship’s website ( ). They have pretty much of everything you would like to use.
Please note however that you will find there only “building blocks” - most effects are not too difficult to implement they became when they need to be managed in a real app.

On the math part, I also would like to know some good sites - ussually they are too much math-involved or not enough… Oh well.

Hope you will find what you’re searching for.

Unless of course you want to go a bit further than what’s already being done… Going through some siggraph papers is a good idea, but I don’t know if they’re publicly available. I can only read them through my university’s network. The rest of the stuff I just find by searching on google about whatever I happen to be interested at the moment.

Most of this stuff isn’t suited for realtime as is, but you get lots of ideas about what you should be able to do, as well as knowledge about how different things are usually done. Then it’s up to you to find out how you can pull it out in realtime…

Oh, and one more thing, try some modeling/rendering places too, for example . Plenty of good stuff there too, some of which can be directly made realtime.


I did already check out both nVidia and ATI. Some good papers, and some good demos. Haven’t had a chance to look at many yet, though.

Not really sure what I was hoping for. Maybe some textbook that might have some advanced linear algebra related specifically to graphics. I dunno. I’ll probably just go talk to a prof at Tech and see what they recommend.

Some nice graphics on, by the way. I swear some of those have to be photos with computer graphic overlay. I took a look at SIGGRAPH but I couldn’t find any papers. Where should I look?

For now, I’ll just take a look at what I found and do some surfing from Google.

Thanks very much for your suggestions,

Personally I find the best place to learn graphics-related math to be graphics books. Math books contain lots of unnecessary information (graphics-wise) so it’s kind of hard to find what you’re looking for. But every (actually both…) graphics books I’ve seen have crystal-clear descriptions on the related math, always in the right context, and usually with some graphics-specific optimizations as well.

The siggraph papers can be found at the ACM digital library, . I think they require some kind of registration, though.