Resources for learning glsl / shaders


The latest month I have learned a lot about fragment shaders. I have been through a lot of web based sources like the really good resource ”The Book of Shaders” and different webbased articles and tutorials. But most of them are about fragment shaders. I want to continue to develop my skills in shaders and learn more about compute shaders etc.

I want to learn more about develop particle systems. I also want to learn how to apply different techniques and algoritms such as game of life, abstraction diffusion, building fractals, flow fields, video processing etc.

I mainly using processing and Touchdesigner for my shaders.

Does anyone have some good tips of where to go next? Books, webbased tutorials etc. What resources can you recommend to learn and improve skills in glsl shaders?

Thanks a lot

Here is a great website to try:

My YouTube channel devoted to OpenGL Basics