Resolution problem

When I open a game (such as CS or Quake) I get a really weird resolution on my screen (in the game, not in windows). Both sides of the screen are black and the gamepicture is very stretched vertically. I have a Geforce256 on a Win ME system. I got the latest Detonator software. Could it be just a setting somewhere? Does anyone know how to fix this, I would be very thankful!

You have to adjust your monitor to properly display resolutions other then the desktop resolution using the monitors on-screen menu and controls like size and position.

Does that mean I have to adjust monitor/size every time I’m going to play a game?
There should be a better solution, I didn’t have this problem with ealier versions of OpenGL.

Sorry, you’re right! Thanks alot.
Is it always like that, I can adjust the monitor in a game and it won’t affect the settings when in desktop mode?