resizing loaded models


ive written a program that loads 3ds files using lib3ds. What im unsure about is becasue the geomtery in any 3ds file can be can be any size, how do i cater for this.

should i use a boundry extenets comparitive value to scale the model smaller or larger, or should i move the camera further away, or this there some genric enviromental scale setting ive missed. This is for use in a simple 3d model viewer program, that should cater for any 3ds file

any thoughts suggestions appreciated

you can scale the model with glScalef at rendering time, or when you load the model, you can just multiply all of its vertices by the scalar you want.

What I find useful is to scale every model to a default size (for example, a height of 1.0 = 1 meter), and then you can specify a size in the units of your 3d world for every model easily (glScalef).