Resize canvas in chrome crashes script

I have a simple script in my application that uses jQuery to change the width and height attributes of the canvas tag with the window resize event. This allows me to have a fluid width/height canvas tag in my application.

Everything works great in Firefox, but whenever I resize the window in Chrome the web page freezes. Does anybody know if this problem is limited to the Chrome browser, or if there is a way to achieve a fluid canvas that circumvents this error?

Here is the relevant code snippet:

    $(window).resize(function() {
		// Reset the canvas dimensions to zero so that the document collapses to the width and height of my other UI elements
		// Now set the width and height attributes minus the space I need for other UI elements
		gl.viewportWidth = canvas.width;
		gl.viewportHeight = canvas.height;

My code is architectured so that relevant portions of code (for perspective matrix and viewport) are done frame by frame at the moment. I may change this later to something more efficient.

Thanks in advance,

Jason Sage