Requirements for beginning OpenGL

Which files are required for programming with

What are the requirements (knowledge) for
beginning with OpenGL?

Do I have to know (a lot) about the WinApi?

I would recommend going to:

Here you will find all sorts of sample OpenGL apps that will have lots of comments to help you along. Some of the samples will be simple…and some not so simple.

So, follow the OpenGL Tutorial link under the Menu section…that should give you a good start.

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How can I implement Sound and other aspects of games while using OpenGL?

Do I have to use DX then or the
class libraries (VCL, MFC)?

Thanks for good answers
CU Douglas

If you are using windows and MSVC do you already have most of the needed files. You can get GLUT at :
It is also a good idea to get the latest driver from your card manufacturer. To use the latest extensions do you need a header file like glext.h but this is not needed to start. The NeHe tutorials also covers this. The standard OpenGL book “the red book” can be downloaded from gamedev.

C programming is a required knowledge since the books is using it. You should also have some basic understanding of computers. Knowing some 3D geometry, matrices, C++ also makes it easier.You will probably find use for other things you know about.

If you are using GLUT do you not need to know about the WinApi but GLUT is limited and not for big projects. Start with the NeHe tutorials so you see how OpenGL works under windows.
You may of course need the WinApi to do other non graphic stuff.

Yes, you need DirectSound for more advanced sound. It is also a lot of wrappers available if you do not want to use DX (COM) directly like OpenAL, Allegro, and many more.
The same goes for advanced input and other stuff, OpenGL is just about graphics.

Originally posted by Douglas:
[b]How can I implement Sound and other aspects of games while using OpenGL?

Do I have to use DX then or the
class libraries (VCL, MFC)?


For sound I would suggest openAL found at As yet I have not used it but have tinkered with demos. I don’t think it could be used to play music(unless it is a .wav?) But for 3d sound it is great, just give the coordinates of the listener, the coordinates of the object making the noise, it’s direction it is facing and it’s velocity(works with multiple sources) and it automaticaly calculates doppler shift-(like police sirens changing pitch as they pass) and the proportions coming and out the left/right speaker etc. and plays all the sound. sure makes life easy. GLUT can be used for input instead of DirectInput, but using the winAPI is the fastest/most reliable/hardest.

Although maths is needed you probably wont have have maths knowledge in the right areas, but if you are fairly intelligent and don’t mind teaching yourself then you sh ould easily pick up the maths needed to do more advanced things like lighting, collision dtection.

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