Require some help!!!Pls

hello ppl,I have just been handed a project of something like simulating a firewall or even of simulating algorithms like kruskal’s etc and other good topic graphically.
The problem is am a newbie to all concepts of opengl. But not to c/c++. so i need some help in how to handle it… and is it easy enough to learn it???

I personally have read books and read nehe’s tutorials (they are really good):

Basically do you think its easy enough to develop this graphic?

You need OpenGL? Direct3D in this terms is easier if you plan to get quick into 3d graphics, i didnt get what you need though.

ok now let me put it as simple as possible.
i have to do a graphics project visualizing i.e representing the working of a firewall or an antivirus.

OpenGL is a great API for real-time 3D graphics and it is quite easy to use to make 2D graphics if I understand correctly the kind of drawings you need to do.
What you want to do seems to be “graphically” simple and OpenGL may appear to you a bit complicated because it is designed for high performances 3D graphics in current games and other applications.
The NeHe tutorial is a good start, you may just focus on 2D part.

The thing that do not understand especially beginners is that it does not handle the window and its associated events. However you can use glut for that (see NeHe tutorial), but I don’t know if it is compatible with your final program.
If you need to integrate your graphics in a program with a GUI, Qt is a good tool for that.
Now, I do not pretend I am an expert on this subject, so I strongly recommend you to look on the internet for maybe, a more adapted solution.