request: Complete Game In OpenGL

hi all,

i just wondering is it possible for you to make a complete fps game tutorial in opengl ? if so, that would be perfect. in that case we could learn all of proccesses those required to make a real game.

thnx in advance.

There is no such thing as a complete fps game tutorial. And creating one would be an impossible job. Creating a game involves learning to program, learning to work with a graphics API like OpenGL, learn about common rendering techniques and tricks, etc. This probably takes several years to learn.

Start creating a very simple game, rebuild tetris or minesweeper for practicing purposes. When you’ve done that, move on to something bigger.

There are no tutorials for creating games, creating games is something you have to learn yourself. But there are many tutorials about using OpenGL, there are also many examples about common rendering techniques (regardless of API). And many good books about programming, game programming and rendering.

An FPS is probably the most complicated type of game one can write first. The graphics itself isn’t even the hardest part, in my opinion. There’s physics, AI, networking if you want to play with others, 3D level building, etc.

As Heiko said, start small. Full-time professionals write crappy FPS games not because they’re terrible programmers but because it takes a lot of work to get right. How many FPS games have you seen where some guy is just stuck in a wall? Or just look horrible? It’s a huge undertaking. Do something very simple and very fun. There are indie developer conventions that turn out award winning fun games. Very rarely are they even 3D and they have several people working on them.

Check out

Open source OpenGL based fps game

thank you all for your replies.

you are right, but how can i learn the all proccess to make a real 3d game ? it confuses my mind. im doing a little stupid games but i want to dive in 3d world. do you have any suggestion to start making 3d games?

There are two main difficult things to tackle for a 3D game.

  • physics, as said above : the most indispensable part is collision detection and response. Without it, you go through walls, etc. And this has not much to do with OpenGL.
  • models and texture creation : you can be a great programmer with a great engine, but without artists you will only have crappy programmer art, and this shows even more with 3D.

I would say an futuristic RTS 3D game would be easier, you can settle for a heightmap with grid-based positions (with makes collision detection very simple) and lots of particles for effects (looks great even without an artist). Futuristic, because tanks and robots are much easier to model and animate than Greek soldiers and horses…
Put some simple pathfinding, a crappy AI, nice camera controls, and you have a complete 3D game.
Maybe the most difficult part will be selection/picking of units.

This is a good response to the “howto make a complete game” question :

Basically, forget graphics for now :slight_smile:
If your interest is more about graphics, try doing a demo instead.

I think you need to do a plan.
For example, I want to develop any type of game.
War Games. Multiplayer online games. Or friends game.
For example, I want to do an online dating game. Like face book.
Then I’ll find some beautiful women.
Ask them to look at this game the idea of the how.
How do you feel like my proposal?

thanks for your usefull answers. i’ll try that.

keep rockin.