thanks for al your reply, but still no answers just some… who are we call in belgium ferme zagen, to the one that says i can’t write, well dear giu6 whater that means i can speak dutch, german french english, maby not that good but i can speak them, how many languages can you speak… mister vocabulary… and to them who dont like my swearwords, well i think about the kids, but please dont act like we live in honyland, a kid knows at his 8 more bad words than you at your 40, so chill out please and just say me what to do… there are lotst of them with my problem…

I think it is time to close this forum. If I should be dealing with people like rik do you have to pay me.

rik, perhaps should you read the replies you got and take them more serious? Do you really think it is a pleasure to read posts like your previous one?