Replicate old game

Hello all, I am trying to replicate an old game to create it’s buildings and vehicles in my own program, I’ll just call them units. The units are stored as wireframes and I am able to create the wireframes using glDrawElements --it works great.

The textures are mapped onto the wireframe using XY coordinates from a given bitmap. Is there a gl command that will do this in one step or am I stuck with doing several?

Texture mapped on wireframe? What does it means?
And what do you want to in one step?

If you want to draw all your “units” in one step you can, but you have to put all the geometry data in a buffer and that use a texture atlas and vary the uv according with the atlas.

Thanks. Yes this game is very old (1998) and the way the information is stored is very simple. There are edges, verticies and XY coordinates for each unit.

What I meant by texture mapping is that each vertex has an XY coordinate associated with it to create multiple textures from a single bitmap.

Yes texture atlas, that is exactly what I am describing. This is a great keyword to get started with. Thank you!