Replace OpenGL Line Method

Has anyone replaced the OpenGL line drawing method with one of their own? Is it just a matter of overriding one method? Is it even possible? Thanks for any assistance.


I should probably expand on that; what I really refer to is a glBegin(GL_LINES) block. Is there any way to replace the line drawing algorithm used in that block by another custom one?

Thanks, sorry for any confusion,

Why does everyone think OpenGL is not optimized enough? (see thread about “direct hardware access”) I don´t see a reason why you should replace that function, you won´t get a speed-up!

Anyway, if you only want to do line-stippling, or something like that, then there is no reason to overload that function, you can do that with other ways.


No, you can’t give GL your own algorithm for rasterization of any primitive.

Rasterization is part of the fixed pipe and noone intends to change that. I already asked “how programmable are they gone get” to nvidia.

PS: nothing to do with performance. it’s about customizing.

Ah alright, thanks for the help!

And you’re right, it’s not about performance, it’s about customization. I’m not planning to try to best the OpenGL algorithms; like it was said, they’re fast enough as is. I just want to play with the algorithms. Thanks anyway!