repeatU, repeatV

I can’t seem to get repeat values out of textures contained in a blinn. I can find the daeElements with the correct field-names(repeatU,repeatV) using the domBlinn/domTechnique structures , but not the associated floating-point values. To illustrate the value I’m trying find I have this excerpt from my dae-file: (float value of 10.3, ‘repeatU’). Thanks for any help…

<color>0 0 0 1</color>
<color>0 0 0 1</color>
−<texture texture=“file1-sampler” texcoord=“TEX0”>
−<technique profile=“MAYA”>

Since it’s in an <extra> it’ll be a domAny object.

if (element->getElementType() == COLLADA_TYPE::ANY) {
  istringstream stream(((domAny*)element)->getValue());
  float f;
  stream >> f;

See this for more info.