Rendermonkey texture buffer format bug?

On some depth Depending Shaders I realized that Rendermonkey does not uses any Texture Format I select from the list box.

For Example I Select: A32R32G32B32

but it hardcoded always selects A8R8G8B8

the format is also nowhere saved in the XML wrapped rfx file

I can’t test my shaders pretty well with this method.

Here I try to recalculate the normals from depth.

I need to set my near and far plane so close together to get good results that its useless for testing.

Here a little example with near and far just 10 units apart.

I now see low Alpha Channel resolution.

Anyone else knows this Bug or how to avoid it ?

Btw: I tested my shaders in a different 3D-Engine with 32bit alpha channel and it works perfectly fine :), but I want to use Rendermonkey for Shader development

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