Rendermonkey 1.5

RenderMonkey 1.5 (with OpenGL SL support) has been released?
i checked ATI’s site and i didn’t find it . . .

No, it’s still not out. There is a developer-version (that you can’t get public) from 3DLabs (which develops the GLSL-part of RM), and someone from 3DLabs even told here on the forums that it would be final in May (after saying that it won’t make it into april); but as we now already have July, I guess RM won’t make it anytime soon.

But you should (until, if ever, RM comes out) check out TyphoonLabs’ ShaderDesigner.

I tried to inquire about it and the SDK, but ATI takes a long time to respond. Last time it took over a month and by that time, the bug was fixed.
They should at least post an announcement.
So the target release date was April? I was sure it would get delayed, but not by this much.

Maybe Humus is working on it?

No, I don’t have any insight in what’s going on with RenderMonkey. All I know is that the delay was because of some kind of problem. Not sure if it’s still the same thing holding it back.

It will be a little while longer according to the email I received. Not sure if I am allowed to give out the month, but like I said, “a little”.

it will be a some new information about RM 1.5 at SIGGRAPH’04

RenderMonkey 1.5 has been available for a couple of weeks, but it’s not on websites yet. There is a book out published by Thomson Learning that has it as an installable file on the CD. The book is entitled “Shaders for Game Programmers and Artists”. I can’t say much about the GL support in RM 1.5 as I haven’t really tried it out.

That being said, Siggraph starts today, so I’m betting that the new version will be released on the website in the next few days.


Just noticed that RenderMonkey 1.5 is now available on the ATI web site.

Download it from here .

many thanks for the link!

Rendermonkey is pretty nice, but does anyone know if there’s a way to change the opengl light position or material properties interactively?

If you are using RM 1.5, you can’t set up the GL light state or material state as artist variables but it would be a nice feature for the next version of RM.

Although GLSL can read light and material state directly from the GL state without having to set up a user uniform, you will have to set up a variable in RM and a corresponding uniform in your GLSL code instead of getting the info from the GL state. All of the GLSL demos that come with RM 1.5 use this method. The variables can then be set as “Artist Variable” to see it in the Artist Editor Window. When you finaly go to use the shader code in your app, you then replace the uniforms with the appropriate gl state variables. A bit of a pain but that is the current work around I use.

Yeah, that’s what I ended up doing. It would be nice if they had a panel where you could edit all the opengl state properties like lights and materials though.

Originally posted by tkerwin:
Yeah, that’s what I ended up doing. It would be nice if they had a panel where you could edit all the opengl state properties like lights and materials though.
For single pass shaders you have that panel in the Shader Designer. It has all supported OpenGL (uniform) states into a property grid and you can change them on the fly. Check

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