Rendering without z transformation and without ortho mode

hi, i’m currently writing a level editor. like every editor it should render left, top and front view in some kind of orthographic view.
my question is:
is there any way to ignore the depth correction without using the ortho mode (because the coords system get messed up with ortho mode)

regards, mofux

what you want is ortho mode, what do you mean when you say the coordinates get screwed up?

well, ortho mode is using screen coordinate system, not world coordinate system.

how are 3d editors handling this? (are they also using ortho mode?)

its not a screeen coord sysytem per se. you can make ortho do anything you want, screen or world. its all in the scaling.

glOrtho( 0, 1024, 768, 0, -1, 1 );

glOrtho( -32768, 32768, -32768, 32768, -32768, 32768 );

or whatever. glOrtho is most certainly what you want for an orthographic view :wink:

thanks, i found out the same last evening when i had a look on the specs of glOrtho. Thanks anyway, helped alot