Rendering water in a terrain - general help required

Hi guys,
I run and own a golf simulator company ( and some 15 years ago I wrote a golf simulation game program called ProX ( in C++ and OpenGL for use with the golf simulator camera tracking systems I developed.
It looked reasonably okay 15 years ago I guess but desperately needs updating to the bring it up to today’s modern 3D graphics standards now.
I’m not the most proficient programmer by any means so require help in updating this software from experts like yourselves.
I’m very willing to pay for any assistance, so please contact me if you think you can help and are interested.
My first problem is water rendering in the golf course terrain. I’ve been working through some of the online tutorials (mostly this one
but for the life of me can’t figure it out.
I’ve got as far as rendering the scene to a frame buffer which I then texture to a quad that is rendered into the lake position but can’t figure out all the so-called Projection Texturing stuff ( way out of programming league it would seem).
Without Projection Texturing the frame buffer is just textured to a fixed position in the quad which doesn’t look anything like a reflection.
I can also texture a billboard with the frame buffer but that doesn’t help either.
I haven’t gotten the clipping planes stuff worked out yet either nor the ripple .
Any help greatly appreciated.