Rendering using shaders only

Hi, hope you won’t mind helping me.

I am trying to implement a procedural skybox in my openGL app which renders meshes with textures just fine and gives no GL_ERRORS, all shaders complile, however the skyBox will not render and I can’t track down the bug.

The shaders I borrowed do not ask for any input, a quad is defines in the vertex shader and passed on through the pipeline.

So in my code I set up a VAO and VBO and bound NULL data with a size of 0.

Then glDrawArrays with a count of 4

Am I on the right track and hunting for a typo? Or is this totally wrong?

Here is my code - check out SkyBoxRenderer.h, OpenGLShader.h, SkyBox.h

aidandavey/ConsoleApplication8 (

UPDATE: Can confirm this now renders something - I set the frag colour to red and now get a red triangle (which is not projected where I expected it to be).

So I think I have two issues, one in getting the points into clip space correctly, and the second in determining the colour output.

But the GL code I had seems to work.