Rendering speed issue on Open Inventor (coin3d)

Hi, all!
I’m newbie.

I’m developing a software like 3d paint using coin3d.
(coin3d 3.0, SoQt 1.4.1, Qt 4.3.1)
In this software, a vertex which user selects with mouse is colored.
The speed of mouse picking (detect vertex id) and setting a color to the selected vertex is fine :smiley:
But speed of redrawing is slow :frowning: even if I use “render()” function of ExaminerViewer expressly after specifying color.
It takes 1.5 - 2.0 seconds.
I think it depends on the number of vertex.
(263112 vertices and 526204 polygons)
Because it is very fast in case of using very low polygon model (ex. cube which has 12 triangle meshes).

Does anyone know good techniques for speeding up?
Thanks in advance :wink:

Hi Kukoc (and everybody out there).

I wanted to know if you have been able to fix the drawing speed issue, 'cause I’m facing the same problem: Open Inventor is taking a lot of (10-15) seconds to draw few (8) points on a 2D graph (using MeshViz: PoCurve, PoSceneView, PoDomain, etc.) on a Qt window…
Two additional questions:

  1. I’m using Exceed to export the display from the Linux machine to mu PC. Do you think that on host machine OI can work better?
  2. I’m not using any optimization flag during compilation. Does optimization change OI performances?

Thanks in advance for any help,