Rendering problems

I am developing a 3D fly through and have created a world of size 10,000 X 10,000 that is relatively small(i think). Since the position of the plane is continuously changing the screen has to be redrawn again and again. This is getting very very very slow. I am using display lists.

Windows 98 using Visual C++ 6.0

you have to determine which geometry is necessary for the program,and which is not.if the program is very slow, you could do some setup at the start of the program and switch some things away (like buildings,fog effects,complex objects) and not render them.if you dont want to make your scene looking boring, there are several agorithms and techniques to speed up the whole thing, like octrees and BSP ( i have NO expierence with this , maybe someone can give you an advice)

You’re drawing a 10,000 by 10,000 patch of terrain? That’s a LOT of geometry. You need to do LOD reduction on it…