Rendering problem

We are developing a CAD like software for PCB design related problems. We have imported the text file exported from the PCB softwares in our first step. In our project, we are displaying the imported text file in a image using the OpenGL API functions. The design gets rendered successfully. But the problem we are facing is…, while it is in smaller size, some areas of the design is not visible to the viewer, (particularly lines). If we are zooming in, then it is visible. We dont know how to solve it. We are using orthographic projection. Please help us to solve this problem.

Did you tried to draw more wider lines ?

If it’s a texture you are rendering to, it might get filtered away by bilinear interpolation and mip mapping. Try to turn those off.

It might become invisible even without RTT, due to very small width of PCB traces, once you zoom out.

In addition, there was recently the thread about ATI cards “flipping” very narrow triangles here on this board.

My advice would be to switch to drawing LINES, not filled geometry, once zoomed out enough to fall below some threshold. While LINES (AFAIK) usually works by rendering two triangles, it should also take care of keeping them wide enough to always be visible.


Did you created mipmaps correctly for your textures.
Are your far clipping plane far enough?

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