Rendering on the browser window....

Hello To All,

      i am new in this forum. I am working on one OpenGL Application that renders a 3D objects on the browser. The objects should be render in such a way that we feel objects are overlayed on the browser windows. There are many options are there but the critical part is that i want cross-platform solution. 

Any help will be appreciated…

Thanks In Advance

Spy++ does wonders :wink: . Use against sites, where Flash animations are overlayed (maybe different window-styles), or installed plugins (unitywebplayer/divx).
But I bet there is no single solution to cover the major platforms and major browsers on each of these platforms, or at least 3 of the permutations at once.

How is java PLUGIn implemented? anyone know how? or anyone know whete to search(I mean, in wich part of the source code)

It sounds like you are going to have to write a plugin. You should be able to do anything in a plugin that you can do as a stand-alone executable.

Hi, 5 years ago I developed an OCX (Microsoft ActiveX) to embed an OpenGL application into Internet Explorer.
This was a solution Microsoft based.

Now Flash allow 3D, than make a plugin in flash should be a cross-platform solution, but not OpenGL based.