Rendering on Textures without window

Hi There!

I’m currently developing an application that extracts the stomach of snakes from pictures. It just works fine up to now. I divide the stomach of the snakes into triangles and afterwards I turn them around so that the snake becomes straight. That works fine. I now use OpenGL to interpolate the texture-pixel through these triangles. But the user does not need to see that.

SInce I am just a newby to Ogl I do not know so much. My first question is, is it possible to render into a texture instead on the backbuffer and would that be possible even if I hadn’t a window where I could display the results?

And my second question is: After I have rendered into the texture, how can I get the data of the texture. I want to copy the data that is stored in the texture in my own memory where I can work on the pixels to extract the stomach.

Thanks so far,

You are looking for something like pixel buffers to allow you to render to offscreen targets.

Scroll down on this page for a demo: