rendering models

I am trying to write a game using opengl, but I am having trouble deciding how to display the game models. I have designed one of the models in a 3d rendering app (Solidworks). What is the best (but not most difficult) way to transfer my 3d model into opengl code?

3D Object Converter 2.0

You could also write your own model importer, which reads the model file. Just read in all the necessary data from the file at load time, and then draw the model using the info.

Mr Shoe, could you please elaborate?

There’s not much to elaborate on. Find the spec for the file format, which should document the exact layout of the file, then read the file in yourself using the standard C/C++ methods for files. (fread/ifstream, etc).

Look at for the specs on a number of different file formats.

The easiest way would probably be to convert the model to an easy format (obj, meshwork, etc.) and then use someone else’s model loader.