Rendering artefacts on some cards

Hi all.
I have a tileset which i used to render with a vertex array for greater speed rather than plain old glBegin and GL_TRIANGLES. However, ive had 2 reports that this have been completely invisible on the screen on a comp with built in gfx card, and a another with voodoo3.

I then tried rendering the tiles to a buffer, grabbing the screen pixels and saving it all in textures (of max size 256x256 each), then render these in a experiment to try and see if they could see that instead. It ALMOST worked on the built in gfx card, but at the bottom of each tile, a black line is visible and on the voodoo3 its even more messed up.
(Textures are rendered with GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP´s).

Any ideas how to render this project with the best compatibility for all cards?
Updating drives is a sollution but id rather get this working as it is if i can.

Its worked great for 99% of the cases, but not the other poor suckers :slight_smile:

Any ideas?


Is backface culling on? Did you set it explicitly to a particular face?

Backface culling is off and not enabled anywhere through out the rendering pipeline

Less conformant grahpics cards may have issues with texel positioning, so you may be getting the border color.

Or perhaps you’ve only tested on a GeForce2 before, which sets GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE automatically, and thus forgotten to set that when you want it?

Without screen shots, it’s hard to tell what else could be wrong.