Rendering Algorithm

I am working on simulation of aircraft.
At present frame rate of rendering is 20 frames/sec.
But now the current requirement is for 60 frames/sec.

Is there any algorithm or method to bring to that requirement.

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Hemalatha sharma

As with any optimization problem, the first step is to identify the bottleneck. Once a bottleneck is identified and isolated, then you can try to eliminate it. Look to the IHVs (e.g. NVIDIA and ATI) for performance tools and documentation. Learn how to profile your application. The Intel developer website has some good tips and code in this and other areas. Know your platform and its limitations; take nothing for granted; leave no stone unturned and take no prisoners :slight_smile: .

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The bottleneck what i found is there is no smooth movement of aircraft.(There are delays which can be seen).So i want to remove this delays to have a smooth movement .

What is the solution for it.

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that’s not the bottleneck—that’s the SYMPTOM of the underlying bottleneck.

Ergo, further investigation is required!


The main bottleneck is Rasterization .
What do i do for it.


Your question and the information provided is very vague and hence the more or less general answers.

What you have to find out yourself is:

Are you fillrate, transform & light, cpu or bandwidth limited and optimize accordingly.

For example if you are fillrate limited it dosent make much sense to switch from i.e. displaylists to VBOs because that is not the main bottleneck (though it may contribute to the overall performance problem).

Without more specific information thats the best advice I can offer.