Rendering a 3D Cellular Automata

Hello everyone,

Is anyone aware of a toolbox suitable for rendering a 3D array of cubes or balls?

I need to use this for a medical simulation software and I have a few requirements:

  • Preferably in C++
  • Fast enough to render an array with a size up to 200020002000 cells
  • Possibility of looking into the simulation from different sides

In my 2D version simulator is linked to the visualization module and I can see the simulation results at the same time (because the volume of data is huge I guess it is not practical to save the data and visualize later).


correct search keywords : “opengl volume rendering opensource”

Thank you very much. You are right. I am not in computer graphics (actually I have unfortunately avoided it as much as I could) so I sometimes cannot select correct keywords.

By the way, my problem with most of these toolkits is that they do not support creating animation. I looked at VTK for example and it seems it does not support animation (the way I wanted).

Thank you again for your help.

Please define what you mean with “support animation (the way I wanted)”.

I have an array which I modify in each simulation time step. As soon as a time step finishes, the visualization window should be updated with the new values.