render to image/texture


I want to render to an image, let’s say 1024x1024.

Right now I use windowed mode and set the resolution
to what I want, then I render to the back buffer,
read the back buffer and write it to a file (bmp, tga, or whatever).

I use 32 bit color and the stencil buffer (for masking).

I’m wondering if there is a more convenient way of doing this
(its a bit problematic to use windowed mode since if any area
is outside the desktop, this area is disregarded during rendering).

I’ve seen some OpenGL render to texture extensions,
(like ARB_render_texture and ARB_pbuffer),
but those doesn’t seem to be widely available.
(I have a GF3 and non of them are present).

Or have I missed some other functionality in OpenGL?

I hope you understand what I mean…

Any thoughts appreciated.


Note that ARB_pbuffer is a WGL_ extension, so you have to look for it in the WGL extension string. pbuffers are widely available these days, including all GeForces and Radeons.


Gonna check that out imediately.