Render to floating point textures


I’d like to ask if rendering to floating
point textures are supported by NVidia hardware
(GF6800 or higher) under linux?

I have an example which works correctly
under Windows but gives a full black texture
under Linux.


Yes it is. At least since driver 76.76

Hi again,

I couldn’t make the sample work but I succeeded
with my own application.

The only problem is if I use floating point
textures it is very slow.If I only change
the texture internal format to GL_RGB,keeping
everything else constant, then I receive much better
performance ( 4-5fps with float, >100 with normal RGB ).

Are there any restrictions that I should
be careful about (e.g. I shouldn’t use linear
filtering and such… ). I’ve tried
with different combinations but I can’t get
a better performance.

Thanks in advance

Maybe you could post the code how you did the texture setup exactly.

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