removing demo

My son has downloaded a demo called crazy taxi and now it wont let me delete it not even in add and remove programs, It says it has done it but a load of ??? appear and it is still there, its driving me nuts!!! when i try to remove the in all programmes it lets me send them to recycle bin but they just go straight back in. I have inserted cd but still cant do it.Help please

Your problem has nothing to do with OpenGL, but that weird thing maybe is the cause of a virus so install some AV software, if that will not be enough install some task managers, WinXP has a pretty one built in (Alt+Ctrl+Del and voila, look a processes), another one is the Symantec ProcessViewer, with these utilities shutdown any processes that you may thing that have something to do with the demo and after that you may delete the program folder (use Shift+Del).
Good luck ?!?..