Remote display NT->Irix for stereo display


I am looking for a way to display the output of a significant number of OpenGL applications in 3D stereo. The apps run on my NT network and do not support stereo. The most convenient way would be to send the display through an SGI that controls a large wall screen and has very powerful graphic engine in a client/server fashion.

(How) is this possible?

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How do the apps on the NT machine generate their image?

If you have access to the source code, you can have them output the left and right image, capture the images and send using socket programming.

Or if that is slow, send the opengl commands instead of the LR-images.

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Thanks for the input…

Problem is, I have no control over most of the apps, although some of them have pretty open APIs (such as Autodesk Inventor). For the others, it looks to me right now as a black box… which is also why the best way to allow the stereo is to use the SGI (plus the fact that the SGI can take full use of my 6x2 m screen).

I know that if it was using X-windows, there would be no problem doing a remote display, but then I don’t think I could generate the stereo at that stage, whether I hope that the SGI can do it…

It might turn out to be the limiting factor, though, if I can’t access source.

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the company I was working before made a simple “cluster” type of thing, meaning they only send a signal from a pilot machine to a client and connected each to a projector. That was a simple way of creating stereo. You might want to think about this solution.