Remote Desktop works if GL Application was started on machine first, how to init?

I have an Opengl application that uses several textures and shaders etc.

Yesterday I left the application running and opened. Today when I used remote desktop I was suprised to see my stunning graphics up and running! I could even use mousing to zoom and change the look direction etc. It was somewhat blocky at times but very, very good in actual display quality. Bottom line, an application that initialized GLEW etc on the local hardware does indeed work just fine when continuing the session with remote desktop.

When I startup the same application in remote desktop; nothing works at all with the pathetic “GDI Generic” render. Bottom line, OpenGL applications started in remote desktop does indeed NOT work.

How can we get GLEW to use the REMOTE hardware when we remote in and let remote desktop just display the “paint” generated by the remote hardware?

Have you done any web searching on this yet?:

Websearch “rdp opengl”. Optionally add “acceleration”.

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop uses (until now) always software generated OpenGL. Use a different technology, e.g. Virtual Network Computing (VNC), if possible.

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