relevant to all PC users...
I dont know if this is true, or close to true. But if it is, something has to be done…I urge people concerned about this to distribute this info to as many people as possible. If you dont care, then dont :slight_smile:

Interesting, but not really too worrying. The internet will never die and they would never get away with that level of atrocity. There is absolutely no way anybody would stand for M$ having control over which files are allowed to reside on a harddrive. Remotely similar to “1984,” but not close. M$ would have more power than the government, and you think the government would let M$ control the internet, the major fear of many a government around the world? No way. The internet is seriously a beautiful thing in many ways, it will never die. IMO the whole thing sounds blown out of proportion. Unless I were to see solid evidence of this coming to be, I wouldn’t spare it to much thought.

Old GLman

first, i’ve been saying this crap for years…nobody listens… they all say the same thing “thats just not true MS would/could never do that, you just hate MS cause bill has money and your jealous.” or “i don’t care”/“im to busy to care” and they never listen to a bit of it, and then when its all said and done, they’ll want to because we didn’t do something to stop it…

There is absolutely no way anybody would stand for M$ having control over which files are allowed to reside on a harddrive.

heres where your wrong, you have NO choice. your life like it or not is decided by the mass majority of morons/*******s in the world.

M$ would have more power than the government, and you think the government would let M$ control the internet, the major fear of many a government around the world

its all part of the plan, and by the time the realize whats happend there a half billion on their desk and they are quiet.

once it takes America(target no.1) the rest of the world has really no choice.

Here’s why this can succeed:

Awearness, no body knows what going on till its to late, all the hear is the disinformation, they buy it and move on, then slowly but surely everythings turned on so there no uproar… and by the time you realize whats happened its to late. the jaws have snapped closed and its over.

its the same thing every time, nobody ever pays any attention to the signs, even if they see them, because they choose not to trouble them selves with knowledge, and willful ignorance really pisses me off…

Well, i doubt that it will happen to that EXTENT, at least i pray that it wont… however, look, its a step by step process. of course they wont slug us with that crap straight away. First its XP with its authentication process or whatever, then the next generation in “security”, and then finally we MIGHT (hopefully not) reach the stage described in the post… I just thought i should let as many people as possible see this…

Do you think a system like Linux will support Palladium? I don’t think Windows will be compulsory if this does happen.

How the hell are they going to enforce this anyway? Whenever I write a hello-world' program, I will have to get a license to run it on a friends machine? And what if that program is a.ROBBO’ player, playing .ROBBO music files? How they got converted into .ROBBO files in the first place is nothing Palladium can do anything about.


Your opinions are noted, but a little over the top. But Robbo is right, they could never enforce it. I think many people are much more aware than you tend to think. M$ supposed plan here would infringe on peoples right to privacy. Theres just to much bull**** M$ would have to lay down for this to ever come to be. This is just another bad attempt at big business trying to crush competition (if all this is true), and due to nature of how business works in America, it would never happen. No one with even quarter of a brain would purchase that type of Microcrap.

Old Man

I also don’t see how the Internet would ever die from this. Especially considering that many servers and large corporations use UNIX based operating systems.

>“No one with even quarter of a brain would
>purchase that type of Microcrap.”

That’s what you’d think, but the majority of the computer users out there aren’t like us. They don’t -want- to know what’s in their box as long is they can send an email and print a document. That’s what’ll get us.

Oh I agree the majority of computer uses just want to send chat messages and use email, but once their privacy is being violated, its a different story. People may be computer illiterate, but many more understand their fundamental right to privacy.

What you dont seem to see is that MS wouldnt describe the “features” as they are described in teh post. They would sugarcoat it SOO much… They would call them “revolutionary security features”, “make your PC secure for the rest of time”, “stop hackers dead in their tracks”, and whatever. Also, if this Palladium reaches a certain popularity, Linux and all other OS’s will die, because they wont be able to interface with palladium machines. Especially if the hardware doesnt let you run Linux on your machine the OS’s are f**ked royally. Look at XP, its basically incorporates spyware, but Ms doesnt cal it that. It calls it a “security” feature and so forth. Same with the proposed Palladium features. “Dont underestimate the powers of the empreror” as Yoda once said, same with MS, Dont underestimate the powers of Bill.

Bill cant even control the illegal distribution of their products…

Again, I have to point out that many of the major web servers are still run on UNIX based machines. Also, I don’t remember where I saw it, but the last stats I saw still showed IIS as being less popular as a web server than others such as the Netscape web server. ( itself uses Netscape-Enterprise/3.6 SP3 for their server.)

It would seem to me that making Palladium servers only accept connections from other Palldaium machines, would just be shooting themselves in the foot. No major web site is going to switch from a stable web serving environment to one that will only accept connections from other Palladium machines. It’s just not feasible. And if those web sites want to upgrade, you can bet that if they don’t want to switch to Palladium, they won’t be looking at Palladium CPUs.

Lol, this is a frequent contributor only thread :slight_smile:

Let me break that freq contributor only “rule”

Microsoft will use this as a feature that can make all your files/connections secure. If you want to make sure you’re secured you’ll enable this stuff.

They rely on the mass utilization (piracy included) of their software to make it a “standard”. Eventually there’ll be so many people/corporations using it that you’ll have to enable it to access some web sites or documents. From the servers point of view, a change will be necessary if they want to make their products available to the max number of clients.

Have you ever thought how easy it’d be to detect and disable microsoft pirated software? This activation thing is just child’s play. THEY WANT people to have their programs. It’s GOOD for them. It’s part of the global domination scheme.

Good point! Do you know a better way to stop people using non MS software?

I’m not an anti-ms fanatic .