Relative include path for headers with clBuildProgram


Could someone help me. I have a problem with headers including in cl-files.

Let full path to project be C:\FULL\PATH\TO\PROJECT, and its content is something like:

cl <dir>
________|- include <dir>
________________|- cl_header1.h

In cl_header1.h:

#include <cl_header1.h>
__kernel void cl_kernel(...)

In some_code.cpp:

err = clBuildProgram(program, 1, &device_id, include_path.c_str(), NULL, NULL);

If include_path is full:

string include_path = "-I C:\\FULL\\PATH\\TO\\PROJECT\\cl\\include";

program runs, but if I set it as relative

string  include_path = "-I \\cl\\include";

clBuildProgram fails.

What I am doing wrong?

Ok, I figured it out. Include path should be relative to caller dll/exe location.