Relation between OpenML and OpenMAX

Can any of the gurus place a white paper on the relation between OpenML and OpenMAX. Obviously, I am new to both these. I feel this will provide better understanding of the linkage. Startup companies like ours can confidently adopt these standards, without fear of disconnects.
Ramesh,4,Khronos API Stack

The relations are still not clear. Actually there is another presentation that put things under quite different angle and even less clear: … 05_ppt.pdf

Now there is another activity (OpenSL) which has also not clear relationships with the OpenMax.
So is there a consolidated position of the khronos group regarding all these three? Which one is responsible for display/camera abstraction and video/audio capture and rendering? Can I use OpenMax components to implement the OpenSL/OpenML or it should be all the way around? Or OpenML/OpenSL have their own hooks to the hardware?

Hello, OpenMAX is a system-level API that is designed to sit below a multimedia framework, such as Symbian. The main users of OpenMAX will be system integrators and is unlikely to be exposed directly to application developers. On the other hand OpenSL ES is an application-level API.

Some systems may choose to implement OpenSL ES on top of an OpenMAX and some may not.

Nathan Charles
OpenSL ES Working Group Chair