Registering for the Developer Program of NVidia

I am a member of a team who work on a new 3D engine with full support of the GeForce royal family , and I would like to join NVidia’s Developer Program. Can I? Or I have to be minimum a world class developer?

Cass, Matt, I wait for an answer from you…

Just for curiosity: why would you like to be an nVidia registered developer ?



Right from NVidia’s developer site:
"The NVIDIA developer program offers both technical and marketing programs to make sure that your title works great, looks great, a sells a ton! Because the better you look - the better we look.

Technical Programs
Technical programs include support with the hardware, drivers, and API issues as well as recommendations or tips on how to tune your performance or do special effects. There are also discussion groups between developers to share ideas and issues relevant to NVIDA products and programming. NVIDIA engineers are available to get your input on what future generation technology you want or need in your titles and the latest performance tuned drivers are available for you to download.

Marketing Programs
Marketing programs cover the gamut from participation in trade shows and press releases to private developer seminars and conferences. There are also opportunities to co-market products with NVIDIA or one of our OEMs as well as get exposure to NVIDA OEM customers for bundling or sales opportunities. There is an NVIDIA logo program to signal users that your title is ready to run on NVIDIA and let’s not forget the free stuff for developers!! That’s what marketing is all about. "


I’m not sure exactly what the requirements are for joining the developer program, but if you’ll contact me offline ( I will get you in touch with people that can help you.

Thanks -

Actually, I have never tried to get enrolled in these programs (although I am a registered developer).

The main point for me to get registered was to get help directly from those nVguys (i.e. explanation on how to use new extensions or confirmation of driver bugs) ! I must say that when I did it, Cass and Matt were not on this board yet…

These days, I visit the registered developer web site less often: almost all the material I need is on the public site and the “private” drivers are older than the leaked ones (which is a bit frustrating I must say… that takes me once again to GL_NV_vertex_program… ). It still happens that I contact someone at nVidia directly for specific problems but I must say that almost all my questions are answered by Matt and Cass (you see, I reverse the order here so that none of them get jealous of the other !).

But if your point is to get involved in the programs you mentioned, I am sure it is worth getting enrolled !

I am sure Cass will help you.

Best regards.


Just wondering, not that im pointing to something…
is there any age limitation to being a registered developer?

I don’t think you need to be a world-class developer to join the developer program, and there is no age requirement that I know of, although they would prpbably prefer that you didn’t ask basic questions you can find the answers to on the net. When I registered as a developer, our company was just getting started in the 3D development field, and I had no problems.