Register combiners

Is it possible to put registercombiner commands (glCombinerInput(…) etc.) in a displaylist ?
would it improve performance ?

sorry for not answaring, but asking-
what are register combiners? i always wondered.


Currently this will not provide any speed advantage, but it is a good idea to go ahead and put your combiner config into a display list, as future driver versions may optimize this.


The NV_register_combiners extension exposes a new and powerful way to combine all the various fragment colors (primary color, secondary color, texture colors, fog, and constant colors) into a final fragment output color. It does tons of math – like add, subtract, invert, range mapping, multiply, dot product, and linear interpolation.

I hope to have “simple” whitepaper on register combiners functionality on the NVIDIA web site pretty soon.

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inputs, mapping type, stages, and outputs

when i first started doing work wiht register combiners the first thing i did was extend the brdf demo so that i could learn what was ‘really happening’ in the combiners.
maybe something like that for a tutorial.

here’s another one…

i ended up getting a radeon though
akbar A.