Regarding X-events, OpenGL, glX:

Regarding X-events, OpenGL, glX:

Is there any difference in the X-events of IBM compared to
machines from other vendors?

I am develoing OpenGL application on your AIX 5L POWER 285 machine.
However, I getting extra EXPOSE(redraw) events compare to other
unix/linux machines such as SUN, HP, SGI. On all those platforms
my application worked well.
But the extra events on IBM cause unexpected results to
my application.

I run the executables on the IBM remotely from other machines,
it bahaved properly. It did not get the extra redraw events.

In fact, there are differences between IBM and other platforms.
First, my IBM does not support backing store.
Second, my IBM does not offer single buffer.

But I kept the same condition when I made the comparison
by disabling backing store and
getting visuals with double buffer.

I do not know why it bahaves defferently on IBM ?

Still, the possible reasons for getting extra redraw events

  1. Buffer

I am using glX for an interface between OpenGL and X.
I use mixed buffer modes: double or single.
Because my IBM does not offer single buffer, unlike other machcines
I mentioned above, I use double buffer with glDrawBuffer(GL_FRONT)
when I need single buffer.

  1. Interactions between glX (OpenGL) and X.
    The glX functions I am using are:



Never mind. It’s been resolved.