Regarding Immersive Visualization

Hi Group,
I am working in Immersive Visualization. I am in search of the answers of following questions badly–

  1. What are the areas where Immersive Visualization is used now a days.

  2. What are the areas where Immersive Visualization has got bright future scope to be used in.

I will appreciate if senior group members reply on this and kindly accept my thanks in advance for their effort.


  1. right now not much, some for commercial visualization and some games, most at universities.
    Similar techniques are being used in the big flight simulators.
    The main problems being that they are mostly experimental, pretty expensive and rather large at the moment.

  2. Depends on how far in the future your talking about, my guess is that the commercial vis side will continue growing steady but as soon as these systems come down in size and cost while increasing the quality and standards significantly, games will overtake everything else end never let go of the lead.
    Ultimately it will be everywhere in some form or another.

Today i would say that the biggest push in these technologies are in 3d display technology, either trough the use of polarized glasses or some fancy display that can display two or more images at once but at different angles to each other.
Vr glasses are also on the move, but currently these are still in low res eyestrainovision.

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